Bill Svoboda

In 2004 Bill Svoboda started Coed Monkey, an online custom t-shirt company out of his dorm room because of an order-gone-bad. Who knew that ten years later it would turn into a million dollar business with clients ranging from Silicon Valley startups to college residence halls, and everyone in between?  But he's not the normal t-shirt salesman peddling one-time use t-shirts that begin on your back and end in the trash can.  Instead, he has created a company that is focused on two things... soft fabric and tailored fits.  

Bill always says, "you don't need to advertise a good party," so he takes pride knowing that his company is helping canvas the world with custom printed shirts that people actually want to wear, sparking conversations.  Beyond t-shirts, Bill is also passionate about coffee, supporting local businesses (especially restaurants), finding good deals on name brand clothes and late night trips to the salad bar at Whole Foods.