Rich Karlgaard
Cris Linnares
Kevin Wallevand
Peter Schultz
Dana Mortenson
Marc Chesley
Dan MacCombie
Phil Soran
Jennifer Ford Reedy
Scott Meyer
Tom O’Neill
Dr. Romila Mushtaq
Cesar Gonzalez
Heather McDougall
Pam Slim
Andrina Brogden
Kelby K. Krabbenhoft
Claudia Alick
Ben Sung
Donald Warne
Greg Cant

Event Information

We’ve secured 22 speakers, three performers, and one jam packed event that we hope will move ideas to impact. Our full blown committee is made up of 15 folks that gather on Wednesday mornings to bring you the event. The meetings generally start off slow – but once the caffeine kicks in, the creativity flows.


Lauris Molbert & Julie Peterson Klein